How To :- Share Your Smartphone Screen To Another Mobile

Share This Smartphone screen
Sometimes a problem with the Smartphone setting is when you ask someone else or someone else for a solution. In such a situation. talking to the phone is not possible and giving clear information. Also, if you have a little bit of effort, you can solve the problem manually, For that you can see your smartphone be sharing it on another smartphone
Howerver to share a smartphone's screen you need to know some simple tips, then you can see your phones screen in another person's phone and you can see the friends screen in your phone. You have to download an app to more yourself and your friends phone. The name of this app is screen share. it can be download from the Google play store for free

Share this smartphone screen
Android screen to look at other Android phones
First download and install the Screen Share app from Google Play store, Keep in Mind, this application should be in two Android devices, in which you want to view the scree.
After completing the installation. Click on the screen share service in the menu given in the screen share application. after that. set up a wireless network through Bluetooth in both 

Android smartphone
Share this smartphone screen
Then pair the Android device via Bluetooth, then you will have the option of connecting to both devices. if it does not connect then try again.
Ones the device is connected, you can control your android device with another android device.
Share this smartphone screen
Apart from screen share there are some other applications available in the google play store, which can help you share the screen meet is also very popular in it. is also available for free download at the google play store and by which the user can connect his phone screen to another phone. After downloading this app in both phones, two different smartphones can work as single screen,

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